We Want the Airwaves - Kiam Marcelo Julio

Nia King

Veteran. Fashion Designer. Yoga Instructor. This interview investigates the many lives of Kiam Marcelo Junio, world-traveler and former resident of the Philippines, Japan, and Spain. I sat down with him in Chicago to find out how he explores themes of colonialism, assimilation, and nostalgia through performance, queer "drag", and fashion. Highlights include:

- how his experience in the US Navy informs his critique of US imperialism,

- why being Filipino on stage is a political act, and

- when to intentionally shut out your audience.

Stay tuned until the end to hear Kiam's attempts to explain the role of jockstraps in gay male sexual culture to me (to no avail).

Photo by Kiam Marcelo Junio.

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We Want the Airwaves - Kiam Marcelo Julio